It’s That Time of the Month: So Blessed to be a Hormonal Female

In honour of that monthly joyful gift that is unique of the feminine experience I think I should highlight a list of all the things that make me start crying around this time.  I’m not sure how many other girls can just get hormonal about the same things monthly, but I do.  And they’re silly, comical, and beautiful all at the same time.

  1.  Kylie Minogue – Just watched the new lyric video for her Christmas album and once again I realize how blessed I am to be a fan.  Truely it is a gift:
  2. Princess Diana.  For a multitude of reasons, but mostly I miss her. 
  3. Andy Gibb: We lost him WAY WAY too soon.  I mean I was barely 2 when he died and I miss him.  
  4. The song “How Deep is your Love” by the Bee Gees.  Noticing a trend?  Aussies make my hormones go crazy!
  5. Ralph Fiennes.  Specifically at the end of the film Onegin.  I’ve never contemplated leaving my fictional husband until watching that film.  I was ready to make a hypothetical desperate choice affter that.

    If Ralph Fiennes burst into my house confessing his undying love to me after all this time I would pack my things and leave.  Cannot deal.


I’m 365 Days For Life.

Source: Lutherans For Life | From Shock Waves to Ripples – Planned Parenthood

In honour of the yearly 40 Days for Life I’m posting an excerpt from an article written on the LFL website a mere week after the Center for Medical Progress videos came out.  Unsurprisingly it rippled in the major media outlets only a week after but there is a wapping 10 videos for your grissly viewing pleasure available.  As you can tell I’m solidly for life in every beautiful stage of development.  I’m even for the life of those who would like to snuff it out as difficult as that is.

My blog’s main intent is not to be political, a soap box 24/7, or a means to proselytize my faith, but in light of the recent news about Planned Parenthood I felt I needed to post something more definite.  But please do still call him “Emmett”

[Note: I bolded the part that stood out to me the most in the excerpt below.]

I count myself among those who need an occasional shock to help me rethink and regroup. But what I have learned over the years is that being shocked and reacting to shocking revelations is not enough. Being anti-abortion or anti-Planned Parenthood is not enough. We need to be For Life! But more, we need to be For Life because God is! Even more, we need to be For Life because God is as an ongoing part of what we do as God’s people gathered by His Spirit in local congregations.

Think about it. We have some shocking news. “God became a speck, an embryo in a fallopian tube!” “God was born!” “God lived as a friend of sinners.” “God embraced dirty, smelly sinners!” “God suffered for unlovable and unloving sinners!” “God died!” “God rose again!” “God wins!” “Sin, death, Satan defeated!” “God reigns over all!” [Me] I would like to add to that in regards to the refugee crisis: God was homeless! God was a refugee!  So brazen was our Savior.  Brazen against the norms of what a King should be.

That’s the most positive and powerful shocking For Life news I can think of. As I love to say, it is tailor made for these issues of life and death, pain and suffering, grief and regret. Have you been shocked by the Planned Parenthood news and the ongoing tragedy of abortion? If so, good for you! Have you been shocked by the Good News of God’s great love For Life? If so, even better for you! Is affirming life part of the ongoing ministry of your congregation? If not, maybe now is the time to make that happen. We at LFL are ready to help and equip you to do so. Give us a call. We do not want the shock wave of the Gospel of Life to ever become a ripple.

Ross Poldark Makes Stability Oh So Sexy!!!!

As Poldark just finished up it’s first season on Masterpiece Theater (it really should be spelled “theatre”) the man has certifiably found himself amongst the great British romantic heroes: Mr. Darcy, Colonel Brandon, and Edward Fairfax Rochester.  Why???  Because dude is stable and nothing turns me on more than a well dressed man who has a solid code of moral principles who is not afraid to act on them.

He got the scar fighting for the British in the American Revolution. SO SEXY!!!!

Manly chest hair and abs of steel are also an additional benefit to any great romantic hero. I’m so happy they found scenes to makes him shirtless! Thank you baby Jesus!!!!

It also doesn’t hurt actor Aidan Turner graduated from the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland as I did my study abroad there in 2008 and I’m probably a bit partial.

So for all those men out there who think to themselves, “this is chick stuff.”  I say “NO NO Sir!  You are quite mistaken.”  Ross Poldark is a fine example of the tropes that Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë set forth, that I believe are the universal qualities of a superb male speciman.  I say if you are looking for a lady of worth you had better get caught up on Poldark this instance and take some notes!

For further instruction on what makes a man a romantic hero, I give you an episode of my webisodes series, Classic Literature According to: Elsa.

Today’s German Word: Nacktjoggen

Since I’ve gotten back into studying German through the Goethe Institut over the past year, I’ve fallen more in love with the quirkiness of the language and it’s ridiculousness.  So in honour of my studies and for a bit of Übung für mich (practice for me), I’ve decided to highlight some of the features of the language that I find delightfully silly!

Yesterday I learned a new word thanks to this CNN Article.

Naktjoggen = naked jogging

Yes that’s right jogging naked is a thing Germany.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to experience it last year when I visited.  Nor did I witness it.  I can say from all the little boy parts and naked boobies I saw flaunted around the Czech Republic, (boobies on a billboard, on a magazine, little boy nudity outside, in the sink at a rest stop, and at one of my kindergartens) I can confirm that Europeans have no problems dropping trough.  Although while the experience of running naked could be rather freeing I can’t imagine this would feel comfortable for any male or female past puberty.

So how would I use this delightful new word in a sentence at a dinner party to impress my friends?


Freund: Was hast du Gestern gemacht?

Du: Gestern bin ich Naktjoggen gegangen.  Es war sehr Befreiung. 


Friend: What did you do yesterday?

You: Yesterday I went naked jogging.  It was very freeing.

WARNING: to any of you who read this and are fluent in German, I apologize for any errors.  I’m only at a B1.1 right now (intermediate.)

Thoughts About Frozen From a REAL Elsa

First I suffered the ignomnimity of being associated with the movie Fargo all through my first round of Undergraduate experience and now it’s a cartoon movie called Frozen.  Apparently my parents were decades ahead of their time when they gave me the name Elsa, inspired by the BBC adaptation of Flame Trees of Thika, not any Scandinavian adventures, although I’m very Scandinavian.  So let me clear up some misconceptions about Elsa from a real Elsa, not a cartoon one.

1.  I am an only child.  I have no siblings and for the most part I like it that way as I got lots of attention and I was feeling selfish like that as a kid.

In my practicum for my TESOL degree my kids have to question me about my sister “Anna” and by some chance in my ED 205 class I was partnered up with an “Anna,” when my teacher heard this he freaked out, and announced it to the whole class…

2.  I don’t have blonde hair.  I’m a sassy brunette.

Real Elsa.

Real Elsa.

Fake Elsa, SHE’S A CARTOON! And is not proportional.

3.  Unlike Idina Menzel who provides Elsa the cartoon with her voice I strive to hit more than 75% of my notes when I sing.  I also don’t blare when I sing:

Why is she wearing a pseudo dress/jumper with her bra?

4.  Even in her “human” representation done by artist Jirk Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen, I resemble his depiction of Megara from Hercules more reasonably.

Fake Elsa

Ice Princess.


Having a Good Time.

5.  While I have grown up on a frozen tundra I don’t posess any magical frozen powers.

I don’t know maybe it’s because I was always told I was the Queen as a tike that I’ve never felt the need to be a Disney Princess.

Lady Gaga’s Most Exciting Turn as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta


Lady Gaga keeps on surprising us and what excites me most is her latest “stunts” have involved none of the gimmicks that originally made her famous.  Her recent performance at the Oscars was sheer class.  Even in the best sense of the word often pop singers lack the true vocal chops and technique to sing in a classical style and do it justice, being able to rely on years of training without the vocal pyrotechnics that is associated with pop singing.  I was so excited to see her drop the theatrics and provide us with a classical vocal sound in her Sound of Music melody, prooving that good singing and good technique never go out of style.  In my opinion it was her strongest performance to date artisically because Ms. Stefanie is more than just gimmicks.  She’s a full on vocal artist clearly capable of tackling a variety of vocal stylings.  Her duet album with Tony Bennett clearly proved that, but her Oscars performance made sure that if you weren’t clear, she’s no artisic fluke.  There’s no sense in comparing her with Madonna becaus her range stylistically goes past what Madonna has ever attmepted.  I may have been skeptic to begin with about Lady Gaga, but I have no doubts about Stefani Germanotta.  I’m super excited to see her next turn in the upcoming season of American Horror Story and the Italian American babies she’ll make with Taylor Kinney.

Here’s my future predictions for more Lady Gaga/Stefani Germanotta stellarness:

1.  An album of Italian Arias

2.  Her Broadway debut in a Rogers and Hammersteinesque Musical, you name one, minus Seven Brides for Seven for Seven Brothers and I’ll be sold.

3.  A full on rock album or I’d really like her to do an album of disco tunes like straight up out of the 70s sort of disco.